1 HOUR | $25 - 1.5 HOURS | $30 - 2 HOURS | $35 - 2.5 HOURS | $40

We strongly encourage new dancers especially to try private lessons in order to get familiar with terms, our educators, and the space. Feel free to reach out to see what times are available today!



A poised art form and technique that can also become a step-stool and support for other dance styles and techniques. Ballet creates long and lean muscles, better posture, and flexibility. Learners will also grasp new terminology and artistic enhancement in class. Ballet also has benefits that go beyond the body. Ballet produces a sense of confidence and teaches etiquette. It is a challenging technique, but it can be highly-therapeutic and give the dancer a sense of accomplishment.

Level Offerings: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Community

Ladies & Gentleman Dress: Nude colored, Canvas Ballet Slippers