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We strongly encourage new dancers especially to try private lessons in order to get familiar with terms, our educators, and the space. Feel free to reach out to see what times are available today!



A poised art form and technique that can also become a step-stool and support for other dance styles and techniques. Ballet creates long and lean muscles, better posture, and flexibility. Learners will also grasp new terminology and artistic enhancement in class. Ballet also has benefits that go beyond the body. Ballet produces a sense of confidence and teaches etiquette. It is a challenging technique, but it can be highly-therapeutic and give the dancer a sense of accomplishment.

Level Offerings: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Community

Ladies & Gentleman Dress: Nude colored, Canvas Ballet Slippers




Offers rhythmic complexity and dynamic performance that is needed by all dancers. It challenges the mind and body as it increases stamina and mental coordination. In addition, jazz dance offers the ability to be artistically expressive and have individualism in dance. Learners will practice full body movements, isolations, and strength and flexibility exercises to improve their technique. Jazz dance at the intermediate level will have a special emphasis on leaps and turns.

Level Offerings: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Ladies & Gentleman Dress: Nude Jazz Shoes




A modern-day technique that fuses elements of classical ballet and jazz dance. This technique offers learners the unique ability to find freedom and self-expression separate from ballet or jazz. There are many technical elements of contemporary technique that focus on strengthening the dancer, but the freedom of movement is evident throughout. Contemporary technique teaches the learner how to approach movement efficiently while developing expressive and technical skills.

Level Offerings: Intermediate, Advanced




A very diverse artform. Modern dance can help improve motor skills, locomotion, and how to approach movement efficiently. There is focus on the inner body connectivity and also connectivity with space and the floor. Learners will move in and out of the floor with a grounded focus. One can learn how to use the range of the body and dance outside their kinesphere.

Level Offerings: Intermediate, Advanced


Body Physics


A movement-based class with focus on anatomy and execution of technique. This class allows the learners to practice correct alignment and philosophies on how to stretch and cross-train as dancers. The importance of body physics is extremely important for dancers who want to have long careers and protect their body from injuries or bad habits. Learners will gather the knowledge needed to be safe and efficient as dance technicians.




A unique dance genre that helps foster individuality, expression, and strength. Our hip-hop offering will be a combination of street dance & commercial-style jazz funk. Learners will be able to move and groove while practicing new tricks. Emphasis will be on dynamics and isolations. Each class will incorporate and add flavor, edge, and style to the movement.

Level Offerings: Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced

Ladies & Gentleman Dress: Street shoes only worn in studio for dance purposes


musical theater styles


Focus on style, flavor, and musicality. This is a progression and combination-based class and will challenge learners to pick up choreography. Dance will be paired with vocals and theatrics giving learners Broadway-style performance abilities.

*Ladies Dress: Character Shoes, Character Skirt

*Gentlemen Dress: Jazz Shoes




Characterized by the use of tap shoes as a percussive instrument. The goal in tap dancing is to produce clear sounds with emphasis on rhythm and style. Learners will have a progressive warm-up that loosens the ankles while preparing them for more advanced progressions. This class will have an increased focus on syncopation, rhythm, dynamics, and varying sounds.

Level Offerings: Beginner/Intermediate




An extension of classical ballet technique that is performed while wearing pointe shoes. In order to dance on pointe, a learner must have had time to work on the form, strength, and alignment necessary for this dance technique. They also must be old enough so that the learners have long and safe dance careers. Pointe class follows the regular ballet class structure to make sure that the entire body, especially the feet and ankles, are properly warmed up.

Pointe shoes must only be worn with the permission of a SOMA educator for safety reasons.

To maintain proper technique and flexibility we require that the learner is enrolled in either Intermediate or Advanced Ballet and takes at least 5 hours of dance technique per week.




Creates an open and free space to self-express and move. All learners are encouraged and challenged to break movement habits and to reach outside of their comfort zone. The educators will help guide the learners into their connectivity to their inner being and help push the dancers to find new movement vocabulary outside of their self. Improvisation is an important tool at all ages and levels to push boundaries and create lifelong skills.

Level Offerings: Improvisation, Community


creative movement


A pre-technique level that gets learners ready for the beginner level of all dance genres. Learners will explore movement through the use of games, stories, and imagery. This level is to help develop motor skills, body awareness, coordination, flexibility, and confidence.

Ages: 2-7

Must be potty trained and able to walk in the studio by themselves