about soma


soma means body…

SOMA comes to us from the ancient Greek word meaning “the body as experienced from within.” We believe the soma is a vital part of everybody’s identity. Just like our mind and our spirit, soma, or body, has its own identity— sometimes even its own voice or desires! Soma is a part of our identity as human beings that develops as we grow and learn and experience the world.

Most of us, however, don’t often consider this piece of ourselves, especially as ever-increasing use of technology and digital spaces forces us to develop a sense of self totally separate from our physical bodies, in a realm where everything is editable.

We want to encourage movement for the sake of self-expression, above and before all else. We gear our style of education towards discovering, unearthing, the deep sense of self every learner carries— the deep sense of self oftentimes so deeply buried that we only dream about what it would be like to live out that self.

As we learn the body— its movement, its wordless voice, its desires and limitations— we get close to the core of who we are and who we can be. We get to know our creativity. We find completely new ways to communicate. We become aware of our place, our power, and our potential as human beings.

At SOMA, we aim to “unearth movement as a vital form of expression,” and we aim to cultivate a community of movers, shakers, dancers, creators— of people. Of learners. Of listeners ready to accept the body performing in from to of them and ready to see what it has to say simply by being.

We invite all into our space, no matter shape, size, color, abilities, differences, beliefs, orientation, or manner of expression. We listen. We learn. We work toward a better, more expressive future.

We are SOMA— a new body of movers.


a sanctuary space

In our space, we aim to provide a sanctuary of sorts— a safe space for reflection, for expression, for trial and error and growth.

All are welcome into our space and we encourage those who have never moved in a way that they feel is truly, authentically expressive to join us.

We aim to provide the highest quality of dance education possible. We encourage our educators to continue their own education and artistic development so that our learners can receive the most relevant and applicable instruction possible.

This is a space for creativity and community to thrive. This is a sanctuary space.


If you are interested in using our space for any performance-related purpose (auditions, rehearsals, practice, etc.), feel free to contact us with inquiries. We would love to talk more!